Technische Analyse Due Diligence, Unterstützung im Prozess des Kaufs/Verkaufs der Windparks

Financial institutions intending to invest in or acquire a wind energy project frequently require an independent third party expert to conduct a technical due diligence assessment of the wind project in order to identify any potential risks and to ensure that the financial model behind the project has been forecasted correctly.

As a company with recognized experience, reliability and knowledge, we provide due diligence services to identify, quantify and mitigate technical risks.

GP-Wind due diligence assesses the technical risks of the onshore renewable energy projects, ensuring an independent evaluation for developers, owners, investors and other parties.

Our focus:

  • detailed expertise,
  • CAT III checks (on behalf of banks, financial institutions etc.),
  • technical assessments,
  • optimization plans,
  • independent consultations,
  • and more.

There is obviously an overlap between the various categories – for instance, some items are not purely “technical” or “legal”. The technical due diligence should provide a detail critical assessment in several key points. A short, non-exhaustive list includes at least the following items:

  • Site suitability (wind measurements, data compatibility)
  • Choice of WTG model (track record and match with the wind resource, power curve, certification, etc.)
  • Archeological and environmental constrains (impact on flora and fauna, such as birds and bats)
  • Access to the area (road survey and accompanying works out of the wind farm area)
  • Geotechnical survey (ground assesment)
  • Noise study (undesirable phenomenon in inhabited areas)
  • Shadow flickering & visual impact
  • Grid connection
  • Electrical losses (correctness of design calculations)
  • Projects for the BoP (roads, foundations, MV, substation, etc.)
  • Congruence of the time schedule of the project
  • Interface between subcontractors
  • Allocation of risk


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